Guillermo Montecinos


Picture bySofĂ­a Luisa

Guillermo Montecinos is a Brooklyn & Santiago de Chile based artist, electrical engineer (MSc), musician and educator.

His work is focused in building sound experiences where the audience is invited to feel sensations evoked by the music. He is part of the project Sector Coordillera where he works as co-producer, guitarist and singer. He is also is interested in algorithmic text manipulation to create new approaches to poetry that can be useful for alternative ways of expression. In 2017 Guillermo co-founded a coding school in Chile called Coded Escuela, focused on spreading open-source art-oriented software and producing educational resources in Spanish for tools such as p5.js, Processing and Python.

Guillermo is an advocate for Free, Libre, Open-Source Software (FLOSS) must be accessible for everyone, and language should not be a limitation for learning how to code. Based on this idea, he uses code as an artistic expression what constitutes a political act where technology is resignified and re-appropriated to develop creative outputs.