Sector Coordillera

Sector Coordillera is a Chilean music project influenced by indie, post rock and art rock, composed by Javier Bermúdez in drums and lyrics, and Guillermo Montecinos in guitar, loops, synths and lyrics. Sector Coordillera is available in Spotify and Apple Music.

Technology plays a key role within Sector Coordillera’s the creative process, where the computer is a third member of the band who gives the sound continuity and fluency. Technology also plays a main role in the aesthetic exploration of the band, fed by elements of performance and generative art, in which self-designed live generated algorithmic visuals are projected on each live performance.

Among its compositions it can be seen the goals of both surprising and destabilizing the audience, through the construction of odd and uneven musical metrics, on top of whom are built loops of guitar processed with delay and reverb effects. These sound layers are tied by strong sub-basses analogically synthesized and sound samples triggered live.